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thing. tesla could be back, david. >> off its highs but still off 193% this year. >> solar city, tesla, the three big printers, especially voxel jet, they are not bound by the four walls of the abstract canvas. those abstract paintings go for a lot of money. >> you love that damian hearse. you'll take it all day long. >> i had a printer rothko. >> what do i know? i'm not about modern art. >> what i am about is that opening bell and it's coming up. more "squawk on the street" after this. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you. if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the trading floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male ann
favor of bankruptcy, the next question becomes what happens to the city retirees clinging to those benefits? and the president is pushing this hour for a higher minimum wage. the congressman to talk about that. by your gifts online, paying tax, others don't, supreme court doesn't want to get in the middle of it. judge andrew napolitano has no problem getting in the middle of that. and then, consolidating your wallet into just one card. the high-tech idea could be the way we shop in the future. it is all coming up along with dagen mcdowell on "markets now." dagen: giddyup. changing out of the shirt you had done earlier and now you look more businesslike. connell: i will take that as a complement on both sides. i have no other choice but to check the market and talk to the judge. dagen: we have to hit your slender. we have gains on the market right now despite the better-than-expected numbers from adp, nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole: you mentioned adp, which was better. we also got new hom home sales numbers better than expected, we are seeing the market wit
from a courtroom in detroit where the judge is giving the ruling on the city's bankruptcy. are they allowed to declare bankruptcy or not? first off, the court finds city has proved it is insolvent. the judge just said it. that's from our own jeff flock inside the courtroom. we'll bring you more details as they break. but the judge has just said, yes, detroit is insolvent. that's important. all right, everyone, kayleigh, thank you for joining us this morning. by the way, i understand you sat-- she's gone. you know, she sat an important exam yesterday. i want to know how it went. charles: oh, yeah, i think she's great. stuart: we'll bring her back and ask her. to washington, president obama will renew the obamacare pitch today talking about everything good about the law. should be a short speech. meanwhile on capitol hill more political theater. rich edson watching it in d.c. rich, what is this hearing all about? >> with he will -- well, stewart, the title is the president's constitutional duty to faithfully execute the nation's laws. basically what the republicans are looki
. detroit's unionized pensioners will see their benefits cut. watch out other american cities. frack, and floods the world with oil, and opec is split. what's a cartel to do? an on-line shopping binge rolls on. wal-mart had its best day ever. and stocks will open lower again? yeah, a big day. "varney & company" is about to begin. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] th n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. >> here we go. fire up the political spin m
shakeup in the city-- detroit gets the green light to proceed with an epic bankruptcy. in today's cover story.... the forgotten disaster. why people in the phillipines struggle to get aid to come their way. to spot hidden fees in your bank account... and.... malls of america are back in style. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning!it's wednesday, december 4th.i'm angela today's first look: stocks lose altitude. the dow is back below 16,000, the nasdaq is nearing 4,000 and the s&p has dropped past 1,800.stocks slipped tuesday as traders took money off the table to pocket gained a couple dollars and oil shot up $3. opec members meet in vienna today for their last session of the year.the big deal there is how members will handle civil issues in lybia, iraq and iran. ex-tyco ceo dennis kozlowski will be set free prison january 17th after spending 8 years behind bars for corporate fraud. and, some abercrombie and fitch shareholders are making a pitch for the re
take a look at the windchills. this is what it feels like when you head out the door. in rapid city, south dakota it feels like 17 degrees below zero. feels like 15 degrees below zero. 11 degrees below zero. this is widespread out here you can see mine not as well. we are talking high temperatures in the single tdigits. it gets worse as we head into thursday. single digits expanding. not in the single digits but 11 degrees only. by friday high actual temperatures below zero in far go. in billings montana 6 degrees below zero. you can see how widespread the cold will be. only 31 degrees 30s across louisville, little rock. this will be a widespread event over the next several days as the cold air remains in place across parts of the lower 48. additional snowfall expected across western colorado to exceed a foot. we are looking at 6 more inches of snow across the dakotas and minnesota. another big concern thursday into friday as the front moves south and east is we could be seeing icing out here across parts of the middle mississippi valley and parts of the southern plains as well. tha
and san mateo bridge takes you 13 minutes from hayward to foster city. the cold nap is a big shock to people in the south bay who used to mild weather and many have been preparing for the freezing temperatures. our reporter is if san jose with the news. >> a lot of people are bundling up and headed to the station in downtown san jose with a couple of people on the lot form with sweatshirts and coffee in hand jumping around to stay warm dealing with the possibility of breaking a 41-year-old record low. we went by the lumber company can this is not an official weather gage you have an idea how cold it is, reading 27 degrees is the official reading coming from the airport at 31 degrees right now. people taking caltran or the bus this morning if downtown san jose are bundled up. some are trying to stay warm in the lobby before headed out to the platforms and a woman just arrived from hawaii. >> what was the weather like in hawaii? >> 86 degrees! majestic. >> big shock anying this would be california weather, right? >> exactly. exactly. >> the cold isn't keeping people from being outsid
could provide even more. i want to walk over to the big wall and show you what we have brewing. the city of new york, we saw it, maybe some snow yesterday. not so much. tomorrow is the day for that. three to six inches there. but you see through the heart of fox country, down atlanta, memphis, you got yours, to the north and west of there. atlanta is getting it. this is a loop from the past 24 hours, the raleigh durham area and up the east coast, football fans, you saw it over the weekend, the systems making an icy mess in new england and michigan, while states to the south are dealing with heavy rain. tomorrow, another storm expected to hit the east coast with more ice and snow. the frozen mess made for dangerous driving. slick roads caused pileups. cars slid out of control. officials in philly report they got nine inches of snow. more than the city had in all of last year. it caught a lot of drives offguard. >> this guy comes up on the left-hand side shoulder and just blew by us. hit the gentleman in front of us. his car kept spinning, his motor was smoking. >> there's no salt down, ev
park in san jose. we were told to look for frosty cars and i think i found the only one in the city. here it is. the frost light than yesterday. yesterday we had to scrape it off. now it's dusting off. you get a couple of days in a row of cold subfreezing temperatures and it rings out all the moisture -- wrings out all the moisture out of the sky. so out here it's cold and dry. speaking of wringing, that sound you hear over chattering teeth is the cash register. on a normal day, this shoe repair business in walnut creek does 5 pairs of boots. now they are up to 40 a day. >> when the weather gets cold it's busy. >> reporter: have you tried to get an appointment to fix your heater lately? good luck. tricity heating just put in a new digital thermostat in this antioch insurance offers. workers are in high heels and don't have to wear boots or gloves while typing anymore. >> i would rather be warm outside all the time. >> reporter: all right. so grab these things out of my freezer early this morning. they have been sitting on this car since about 4:00 this morning. i'll crack it open in
the victim as 22-year-old ikenna wakka. he was visiting daly city forking this and had been studying economics in los angeles before he was killed. he and his girlfriend drove in their rental car in their suv to sell the newly-released playstation 4 to someone who answered an online ad. the couple was accost by the gunman, who demanded the video system and when he surrendered it, the 22-year-old was shot and killed. they ended up several blocks on bayshore boulevard near highway 101. the victim and his girlfriend, they had advertised the new ps4 on instagram, similar to this ad. they were hoping, like many sellers, to make a few hundred dollars profit on the gaming system, which goes for about $600. meeting strangers to make any deal holds inherent dangers, and police caution folks trying to buy or sell items via the internet to be careful. at 5:00, ktvu's ally rasmus has an interview with the victim's father. i'm tara moriarty, channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> police identified the man shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in oakland's fruitvale district. michael stinger wa
channel and spin on the city everyone is buzzing about today. there's much more in the cycle. [ male announcer ] at humana, understanding what makes you different is what makes us different. we take the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana. to become your partner in health. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. >>> the news is weather, a powerful winter storm is slamming the u.s. and marching east in its wakes areas will be left with temperatures that are 40 degrees below normal. weather channel meteorologist paul goodloe is tracking the polar express for us today. >> again, look at this water vapor imagery. a massive winter storm so early in the season here. this is all snow here in the pin
. coming up, we'll talk more about this freeze warning. the coldest cities tomorrow, and as this system moves out, a wet system moves in, and there's a chance for snow on bay area peaks. >>> now to ktvu's ken wayne. he's been outside tonight. talking to folks who are out there trying to stay warm. >> reporter: we're all trying to stay warm out here, frank. we pulled up here a couple of hours ago. the sign said 33 degrees. bill just mentioned 27, but it just dropped within the last few seconds to 26 degrees here in downtown walnut creek. before the night's over, it's going to be a lot colder. winter and ice skating go together. but it doesn't usually feel like it there should be real ice on the ground in walnut creek. >> i can't believe this is tonight, of all nights. it was really nice until just last night. >> reporter: a private party from a jewish synagog took to the ice. many of the participants, russian immigrants who know something about harsh cold winters. this guy has some advice for californians. >> you guys should man up. it's is not even freezing yet. >> quit complaining? >>
in new york city. home in new york city. could it be? ♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday [ whistling wi ] don't worr santa will finus. ♪ [ female announcer ]his christmas, light santa'say with the hallmar santa signal ornent. only avaable at hallmark gold crown sres. ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday pretty incredible video. take a look. it looks like an unlucky place to have parked a car in plano, texas. but it didn't happen just once. the sheets of ice and snow on rooftops got so big and heavy, mini avalanches fell to the street. take a look at some of the damage it caused. across the country, the weather caused thousands of flight cancellations. stranded drivers on roadways and unseasonably freezing temperatures. reserve will start to pull year. >>mark: slick ice conditions are being blamed for a eight tier--eighth car pileup in kansas city, missouri. witnesses said the driver of a car hit an icy patch, ran into a wall and ca
them within an hour. you wanted them today. we started that in one city and rolled it out to three, then five and we'll go to 25 next year. things like touch screen, touch glass windows, we'll slowly roll it out as we get the consumer experience right. >> what about the perception problem? a lot of people still think ebay is auction. you're much more than that. that's what they still think. >> the proof is in the pudding. 70% to 80% of our items are fixed price. you see more and more people coming to ebay. the growth has been accelerating all year long. more and more consumers are coming to ebay. they are telling their friends. perception takes time to change but we see consumers responding. >> what is the goal? to be amazon or something different than amazon? >> well, we're very different in that our focus is on nabling commerce. >> are we to assume that anything we want should be available on ebay? >> yes, anything you want. including, we're partnering with retailers all over the world. we don't compete with them. you can go on ebay today and get things from bail sellers in the
happened to the city of brotherly love? you won't believe what the two women accused of starting the whole thing were fighting over. >>> plus, what may be a kidnapping caught on tape. now the search is on for the woman seen in this surveillance video being dragged away by an unidentified man. it's all "happening now." ♪ ♪ç jon: good morning to you on this thursday, i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, great to have you today, i'm jenna lee, more on those stories in just a moment but first, more trouble for obamacare. jon: according to a new harvard university poll, less than one-third of uninsured young people are actually planning to sign up for insurance on the health care exchange. and young people are key to the law's success because they're the ones needed to offset the cost of insuring older, less healthy people.ç without them policy experts say obamacare and its numbers simply will not work. jonah goldberg is a fox news contributor and editor at large of "the national review" online. lynn sweet is washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times". i want to start with a lo
for a suspect in a deadly overnight shooting. police say a man was shot outside around 10:00. it was the city of oakland's 84th homicide of the year and police are asking witnesses to come forward. >>> we have new information now about the man who was hit and killed by a car friday night near the dunn bar ton bridge. police say he was walking on the east bay side of the bridge when he was hit by a westbound car. investigators say alcohol was not a factor for the driver. it still isn't clear why he was walking along the bridge. >>> time is 5:07. the a-gender teenager that was set on fire along an oakland bus may be back in school as early as today. sasha fleischman came home on tuesday after spending 24 days in a burn unit. the teenager was attacked three weeks ago when sleeping on an ac transit bus when the skirt sasha was wearing was set on fire. the boy that admitted to setting sasha on fire is still in jail. >>> meanwhile this youtube video led to calls for a public meeting. the transgender student reported being bullied before this fight. bullying and violence won't be accepted and tonigh
isn't doing much to help a daley city family that is now in mourning. >> he does that all the time, things like electronic, so this is what we does, every time he does it. >> reporter: that may be what cost him his life. ikenna uwakah's father is wondering how an online ad turned deadly for his son. ikenna was shot to death near the corner of bayshore boulevard around 3:30 yesterday. according to police, that's the location where he agreed to someone who responded to his online ad to sell his playstation 4 for cash. police say the killer took the video console then repeatedly shot ikenna. >> i love him to death. i don't know what i can say. >> reporter: onyebuchi uwakah described his son as a nice boy who enjoyed buying and selling electronics. the video console uwakah was selling is a very hot item that's been flying off store shelves. >> said that the body's with the medical examiner. until he's done with his job. >> reporter: we know uwakah was with his girlfriend when the transacti aaction turned deadly. she was not injured and was able to call 911. uwakah's family lives in dal
. >> and a double whammy for financials. citi with a downgrade and we could see a tougher than expected volcker rule. >> and ron burgandy means green for dodge. sales fueled for the durango. >> news on concerns that the fed might scale back their bond buying program when they meet later this month. we'll get ism services and new home sales in about an hour from now. it's been said maybe december tapers right around the corner, jim, if numbers like this keep up. >> i think it's tough for yellen to come in, we start tapering and we get some big frackus in january. we forget the two parties hate each other. they tend not to accomplish anything. worst congress in history if you care about output. she's going to be reluctant do that. people are starting to talk about doing the over 250,000 jobs on friday and that means interest rates go to 3 and that means ultimately you can buy the banks. that's the one group that does better at high rates. >> net interest margin. if we get above 250, that would be a good thing. >> you're going good news/good news? >> i'm going with the jobs are good but not necessarily
of a city bus. it happened in milpitas tuesday. and police are now searching for the pair. kron 4's rob fladeboe has more on this brazen assault. >>attack on video >> reporter:that disturbing scene occurred moments after a-c transit bus number 217 pulled up at a stop here on east calaveras boulevard and opened it's doors. police sergeant raj maharaj says the surveillance video, captured by a camera on the bus, jibes with the story told by the bus driver, who called 911. >> as she was stopping her boss she noticed in male and female and a physical altercation. the bus driver described her as a draft of from the park. >> reporter:the video shows a violent struggle. the man can be heard referencing a bag at first held by the woman, who in turn is shouting for the driver to call police, who are treating this as a possible kidnapping. what else could it be? >> it could be a domestication issue or dispute are father trying to contact his daughter is to be sorts of things? >> reporter:whatever it was occurred right across the street from milpitas city hall, un-nerving some transit riders like
at least five homeless people over the past two weeks. what some big cities are doing to keep those living on the street safe. >> and it was the battle of the west rivals--niners and seahawks at candlestick. the second to last game of the season at the stick and san francisco sends the seahawks home. we have all the excitement from the stick. >> starting things off here in the weather center this monday morning december 9th. >> it is low 20s out the door. we have not had a morning low. it is between six and seven. we have the freeze warnings and affect. san francisco is not impacted by this. hayward is already at freezing. oakland is at 31 degrees. upper 20s from those of you in san jose. record lows are definitely possible for this morning and the freeze warning will be reissued into tomorrow morning. the temperatures hopefully will start to climb in we will see a warming trend into the ladder part of the week. we may see showers, a 10% chance. i will have more on that coming up. >> cold temperatures are expected to continue and there is a freeze warning issued for some bay area cities. t
at the freeze warning again, covering all of the bay area except city of san francisco this, is in effect from 10:00 tonight until 9:00 in the morning. look for subfreezing temperatures, lows down near 20 degrees. exposed pipes could burst under the conditions and there is increased risk of hypo therma. a hard freeze is in effect for central valley. a live view now from our camera looking at the clear and sunny western sky. 20 inland, wednesday morning cold again, inland lows mid-20s down to about freezing around the bay. by thursday morning we'll see a little bit less cold weather beginning to settle in over the bay area. >> this weather may have proved deadly. authorities trying to determine whether a home ls man died from exposure. >> abc7 news is live now from hayward. >> still very cold out here. this is where police say the body of a man was found yesterday morning. they believe he could be the latest victim of the brutal cold snap this, courtyard is where a passerby made a grim discovery. the body of a homeless man wearing a sweat shirt and shorts. police believe he likely died from exp
it in kindergarten. in astoria, first grade. a, first grade. today, thisd states morning, the city of chicago announced a partnership with us, computer science is going to become a core subject in every school in the city of chicago. the city of chicago is leading the country. the city of new york announced a partnership with is, i live inion san francisco, why is it san francisco, the bay area leading the country when it is a place where all the technology is created? how come our schools do not have computer science? why is it that only one or two cities? >> fascinating things. interesting to see chicago. you learn to vote early and code early. li, thank you. heading to the apple store? technology could be tracking you. on yourlic concierge iphone. that story next. ♪ >> welcome back. using a new location technology to track a shopper's location inside of its retail stores known as ibeacon. about appletion products as they walked through the store. jon erlichman full stop is this creepy or cool or both? -- jon erlichman. -- is this creepy or cool or both? >> it could be both. the
of that deadly train derailment in new york city. this is video of rescue workers earlier this morning trying to lift the cars that went flying off the tracks on sunday, killing four people and injuring more than 60 others. we're told that investigators recovered the events recorder, the black box. we're in the process to figure out exactly what happened. our laura ingle is live on the scene of the she will bring us a live report in a couple minutes. >>> right now, today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jenna: the deadline to fix the obamacare website comes and goals. the white house says it met its goal but is the site really working and what is the political fallout? we'll go in depth on both those topics. it is cyber monday, you might have noticed with your email in box. how you can get a really good deal on travel do and -- today and what every bar gun hunter needs to know. >>> on the scene where a police helicopter crashed into a crowded pub. we're live with the story. it is all "happening now." jon: well, it is a critical test for the obamacare website, jus
been at it for hours. >> you heard that as the day rolls out fast food employees in 100 cities will walk off the job of the workers in manhattan began the protest at 6:30. events are planned at lunch at some mcdonald's in san jose, oakland, and antioch. workers are asking for more money, a minimum wage of $15. that wage now is $7.25. that is $15,000 for a full time employees which is not enough. >> until we lit -- lift the workers up there is not a true recovery from the greatest recession since the depression. >> if the minimum wage goes up to $15 an hour food prices will go up and there will be fewer jobs. last month, rebound said he would back a senate measure to raise the minimum wage not to $15 but to $10.10 an hour. san francisco and san jose already pay $10 or more an hour on average. on average they make $9 an hour. >> governor brown hold as strong advantage over potential g.o.p. challengers headed into the election. the poll shows brown leads g.o.p. with 52 percent of support from california voters. the next closest candidate is former lt. governor with 11 percent. the
in the spotlight. bob filner will be sentenced for sexually harassing women at campaign events or city hall. filner will probably not be serving prison time. because after plea deal he will get three months of home confinement, three years of probation and mandatory mental health treatment. 19 women accused him of inappropriate behavior during his time in office. jon: some silicon valley giants say the nsa went to far greater lengths to collect data on americans than they first thought. what some of the biggest names in technology like google and facebook are trying to do bit. >>> a major storm causing chaos on the roads and creating a nightmare for air travelers as well. meteorologist maria molina will have your forecast next. ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪ ♪ hah jon: coverage you'll only see here on "happening now" a storm that's dumped plenty of snow across parts of the midwest now setting sights on the northeast. your full forecast only moments away. jury selection begins today in the newlywed murder trial in montana. woman accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. she says it
. >> shares of dow component intel on the rise, citi pointing to increasing evidence of stabilization in corporate demand for pcs. we keep coming back to what meg whitman told us. >> exactly right, carl. that's what this is about. someone the other day said do we buy intel, it's a 4% yield. i've been waiting for pcs to stabilize so intel could travel from say 24 to 26, microsoft has traveled all the way. i'm waiting for the mobile strategy and i feel like that intel just talk about great people and i used to do a lot of work with intel. i keep hoping it's their time but they're still too pc oriented. >> there have been a few upgrades lately, not all to buy necessarily. but they have been mostly about the promise of mobile at intel. this is a little more concrete in. >> it is. if you believe in this upgrade, go by hewlett packard because it's the hewlett packard business that might be driving it or the enterprise, that's a fancy word that analysts use to say companies are liking it. >> even afters year hb has had -- >> yes, you want to own it. boom. you want to own it. >> talk about le
, it feel also worse than that. minus 23 is what it feels like in rapid city. feels like 9 in chicago. single digits in kansas city. this cold is going to hang on. so first round of weather moving off the east coast. we are seeing a little mix here once again across the arklatex. we have some energy moving in across the west that's going to help this next storm system really get its act together over the next 24 to 48 hours. future radar, we're going to see some snow over the four corners. fresno, you could get measurable snow as well, the first time since 1998. temperatures 27 degrees in fresno, california. then we watch the future radar. a mix of snow, rain and sleet. we could have another ice storm on our hands affecting million also of people sunday into monday. look at the forecast precipitation. where you see pink on your screen, that's where we could see some measurable ice on the roadways. on the power lines, we could have power outages for days, if not weeks, if this ice storm pans out to what we think it could. again, the radar is going to show you where we see the potential
city has officially gone bust. a judge ruled it is unable to pay it's 18 billion if debt. there is a march 1st deadline for the city's reorganization plan to be filed. the mortgages manager is expected to have a first draft next month. outgoing mayor dave bing says it's a chance to put the city on new course. >> we now have to fight. if we have a future as far as our children and grandchildren are concerned, we have to fix the problem now. we can't continue to kick that can down the road and not make tough decisions. >> those tough decisions, the judge ruled billions in pensions can be cut even though michigan's constitution prohibits cuts to pensionings. the city's largest employee union fwoild an appeal. the ruling could have implications across the country for retirees already struggling to make ends meet. >> we have an american dream that if you work long and you did the right thing, that you would end up being able to live comfort annual. what he's done now, i don't even know how i'm going to do this after january. it's already the fat guy has to sit around and make
at the mexican border. a truck stolen near mexico city is drawing international concern. it housed this medical device, used in the treatment of cancer patients. in it, cobalt 60 teletherapy, a radioactive material that can be dangerous if it's removed or if the shielding of the device is damaged. >> if you have a large quantity, an entire truck of this cobalt 60, could you really do some environmental harm? and that question, i think is open at this point. >> reporter: mexican officials immediately contacted the international atomic energy agency. u.s. officials are monitoring closely. the truck was stolen at a gas station just 35 miles outside of mexico city. it is unclear who stole the material. and if they know what they have. but even though the theft occurred hundreds of miles from the u.s. border, there's a reason why the incident is drawing such intense scrutiny. u.s. officials have long been concerned that stolen radioactive material could be used to make a so-called dirty bomb. such a device could not cause a nuclear explosion. but the cobalt, combined with a conventional explosive, c
that was given the city's o-k. the free event begins at 4- 20 in a tent set up at seattle center. with any pot smoking out of public view. they'll have plenty of company too. with a holiday lights celebration, ballet performance and a pearl jam concert all happening at the center. coming up on the kron 4 morinng news. more on the freezing temperatures. we will be right back. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at now time for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate. the morning. a big battle between to attack the giants is shaping up amazon and will go over drone's robots and same-day delivery service. on sunday amazon a big splash in announcing their new drone delivery system. they are working on and now google has told the new york times and they are investing big time in a similar proj
years. they are calling for more traffic enforcement and speed reduction devices in the city. >>> new information on the new york computer train detrailers. investigators determined the train was supposed to be going 30 miles per hour, instead it was going 80 meteor 80 -- miles per hour. 150 passengers were on the train, four were killed and 60 injured. the latest on the investigation, the victims and survivors who say they heard screeching metal. >> reporter: among the four fatalities donna smith. >> she was kind. neighborly. friendly. >> reporter: magnesium those killed 67 were in-- in addition to those killed 67 were injured. >> i realized this is happening. >> reporter: investigators and survivors have the same question, why? >> something went wrong. >> reporter: after 7:00 a.m. sunday it dime this curve -- it came to this curve, it derailed. the ntsb revealed new details monday from event recorders. >> the train was traveling 82 miles per hour as it went into 30 miles per hour curve. >> the curve calls for a reduction in speed to 30. the conductor said he applied the brakes but
is in three cities, we partner with retailers so that when you have a situation and you want something to date like these gloves and you do not want to waste the afternoon away or have it delivered to you tomorrow, you want it now. you go to ebay now and order the gloves and the courier will have it to you within an hour. >> when i tell us more about how it is going? i download the app. there are a few reviews. >> we are building the consumer experience. when you build a new experience, you have got to get the experience right. the consumers that are using it like it a lot. it is evidence that we think it is successful. we have expanded it from one market to three and to five. we just buy a company called shuttle that will help us expand to more cities across the u.s. >> amazon made a lot of headlines a few days ago talking about deliveries by drones. they are working on octocopters. >> no, we're not focusing on long-term fantasy. we are focusing on things that will change that consumer experience. >> other companies are also experimenting with delivery. there are upstarts. how do you have an
. we rolled it out and now we have it in five cities. it will go to 25 next year. we started in one or two regions and we will slowly roll it out. >> what about the perception problem? a lot of people feel like ebay is an auction. you are much more than that, but that is still what they think. >> 80% of our items are fixed price. you see more and more people coming to ebay. our new active user growth has been accelerating all year long. more consumers are coming to ebay. they like what they see and they are telling their friends. that will take time to change, but the real experience is a great one and we see consumers responding. >> is the goal to beat amazon? >> we're very different. our focus is on enabling commerce. >> should we assume that anything we want will be available on ebay? >> yes. anything you want. we are partnering with retailers all around the world. we do not compete with them. you can get things from sellers in the united states, things from sellers all over the world. you can get things from best buy, who lists on ebay. >> what can i get on ebay that i could not
of the problem. >> the city of san francisco is creating more and more dedicated bike lanes because let's face it, they are needed. >> the problem is that drivers are not respecting the by clients like this person here. normally, i'd just go on and show you the problem but except this time while i was watching, the police seize on this problem just happen to see me shooting and wanted to know what the problem was so i showed him. >> we're gonna give people what here to take care of the spread we would try to do more education and enforcement. >> within a few minutes, the police was on the scene and educated. >> you are not suppose to enter into right here. there is a line in the street to tell you. >> there in force in the role of the bike lanes. maligned these dedicated bike lanes are for bicyclist on less, one you are about to park and you cannot crews looking for a spot. you cannot emerge when there is a break in the by claimed similar to this. >> muni buses are not allowed to use the biplanes to keep on schedule. bike lanes, are for bikes. >> this guy gave me a piece of his mind. >> i teach a
was the first to introduce anti- apartheid legislation back in 1972 and seven years later the city of berkeley became the first in the nation to divest from south africa. assemblywoman nancy skinner was part of that movement. >> it was so thrilling that we americans, that we east bay residents, could have been part of something with that kind of global impact. >> reporter: a lone rose left at an oakland monument memorializing mandela last night a reminder of the impact the leader will always have. >> there have been lots of people in our lifetimes who had positions and have passed on but nobody has ever matched the incredible inspiration and humanity of nelson mandela. >> reporter: that was willie brown, who puts mandela in the same group as martin luther king, jr. and john f. kennedy. but he calls mandela the "real" leader. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >>> grace cathedral and the black represent repertory group will be holding services. we have more on our complete with a photo gallery. >>> it is 5:06. hopefully it's "friday light" out there. let's check traffic. >> it
to give up their weapons to french troops. the french patrolled the capital city today, trying to disarm rival muslim and christian fighters who killed 400 people over the weekend. we'll have a report from the c.a.r. later in the program. the prime minister of thailand called for new elections today, in the face of protests against her rule. the opposition has accused her of corruption, insisting again she must go. john sparks of "independent television news" reports from bangkok. >> reporter: protest leaders called it the day of reckoning. a time to do-or-die. when their call was answered on the streets of bangkok by more than 150,000 people. and each one seemed determined to topple the thai government. >> we've got to get them out. we're playing our last card. >> reporter: they've been at it for weeks. a rolling protest against the government of prime minister yingluck shinawatra. with demonstrators converging on government headquarters this morning, the thai prime minister made a surprise announcement. she disolved the government. >> miss yingluck who sounded shaken said let the peopl
back to that level. >> saying pretty please. >> also, very serious story out of motor city. detroit is now broke city. a judge ruling a little -- a few hours ago the city's bankruptcy can go forward in what will be the biggest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history. this is not a huge surprise but is a big disappointment for the pension plan out there. it has much wider implications for investor. anybody that owns a muni bond needs to sit up and pay attention to this story. we'll tell you why and what it mean. >> same for anyone with a pension. >> let's take a look again at markets across the major indexes. we're seeing red, down about 0.7% on the dow jones. nasdaq still above 4,000, off about 12 points or so. that ten-year bond yield, above 2.8% earlier, has sunk after we saw heavy losses across the european session as well today. >> let's talk about today's market action. our "closing bell exchange" joined by meg green from meg green and associates. scott cavanaugh from first foundation. rob morgan from fulcrum securities. mike santoli and rick santelli. i lov
to be learned from other cities that face a similar fate? it has been a year since rhode island emerged from bankruptcy. the state allowed bondholders to be elevated to a privileged status over pensioners. our next guest at the bargaining table. lead counsel for the central falls, rhode island receiver. the bottom line is what happened in central falls is it is a different deal that would happen with michigan. at the end of the day the pensioners in central falls took a 55% cut. did they negotiate that, or was that more because they wouldn't negotiate this is what the receiver decided was going to happen? >> it was not a 55% cut for all committed up to 55%. adam: it was those youngest sitting the cut. >> unlike in detroit where there was a court ruling on whether or not retiree pensions could be cut, ours was done through negotiation. early in the case when the case was filed we immediately went into negotiations with the retirees. the retirees had very good counsel understood the court would rule as the detroit court ruled here. and as a result we negotiated an agreement under which they to
napa thirty in plaza 10 and 33 in grant with city. san francisco loth 40 degree reading. into the afternoon temperatures rarely struggle with want upper 40's bay area why it barely reaching the '50s and a number of locations. brick and mortar businesses >> jacqueline: >> jacqueline: this note will be tapering off until tomorrow late morning with frigid conditions all through the sierra patrick look of temperatures less take a look at the extended forecast a very cold conditions for the next few mornings. we will warm up the sum on friday but rain likely. like rain lasting saturday we want a little bit more but sunday we are very cold fried's likely to be issued. are looking to technology. to help them know their customers, as they walk in customer buying habits. just >> pam: the idea is to attract customers by habits just like amazon and other big online shopping sites already do. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate met with one local, small business trying out a next. >> reporter: walking into a store it may recommend treats on their past purchases and offer discounts as
take a listen what it felt like trying to drive into the city. >> we had an exciting ride down. took us nine hours, which is normally a four- to five-hour trip. window wipers icing up. lines down over the highway on 55. it was closed for a time. and winter everything from ice to snow. it was a -- it was a journey. >> reporter: so, just for that reason you can tell that right when people were trying to drive in or drive out is the second wave of the ice storm is expected tonight, would have been very dangerous and the exact reason they did have to cancel the marathon. on the other side of it are these freezing temperatures that we're talking about. with the windchill this morning it was in the single digits, as we start to cool off again tonight, we'll get another round of freezing rain that will be a concern. and many people without power, yesterday about 5,000, and today it's 500 people, but with another round overnight tonight there's a potential for even more people to lose power and many people saw half an inch of freezing rain in west memphis that's what they saw and north of us in
schatzker and stephanie ruhle. >> good morning. it is thursday in new york city. you are watching "market makers." i am erik schatzker. >> i am stephanie ruhle. after a week and a half, you may not be excited about it. -- allquote mariah carey i want for christmas is new -- >> got a change the topic very quickly. -- got to change the topic very quickly. we have an unbelievable lineup. >> we are already getting calls saying that joe baratta is on, i want to cancel meetings. then we will be speaking with alan mullally. i will share the interview i had yesterday afternoon. >> let's not forget about bill gross. >> who can forget the bond king? for now, let's get to the newsfeed. it is the top business story from around the world. the u.s. economy grew faster in the thor quarter than first figures showed. up from the initial estimate of 2.8%. the biggest increase in inventory since 1998 is the reason. two low-fare carriers will benefit from the merger that is creating the new american airlines. southwest air and virgin america will gain flight slots at laguardia airport. settleme
. the nonprofit organization that wants to do that for children in each bay city. >>> and he is back, there he is, braving chilly weather to kick off a special fundraiser and all the hype over his return to san francisco. >>> a nonprofit in the east bay is hoping to provide a safer environment for children to play in east oakland, today, the group called east oakland community play date held their monthly event. kids and families had the opportunity to get a healthy breakfast, do arts and crafts and listen to live music, among other things. but organizers say their goal is to provide a better future in east oakland. >> we're not exactly sure how we'll help the next generation learn to change the statistics of gun violence and poor outcome for their livelihood without actuallyúgítting to know one another, and without faith to bond and form new relationships. >> just come out one saturday and check it out. you give the kids a chance to be kids if they can in their own neighborhoods. >> east oakland community play date is in the middle of a month-long on-line fundraiser to the crowd-pleasing websi
of cars, like these, in rapid city, have been spinning out of control and running off the roads. today, they are bracing for blizzard conditions and up to 18 inches of snow from the dakotas to michigan. the icy blast is threatening citrus growers across california. farmers have been scrambling to insulate their crops, wrapping trees, spraying water and using wind machines to circulate warmer air. forecasters say they could see record lows by tomorrow evening. cold enough to jeopardize those crops. >>> the arctic weather system is moving coast to coast putting windchills in the danger zone. >> let's get the latest from accu-weather meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim. >>> good morning, john and diana. extreme cold on tap for the nation's mid section and much of the west. an arctic the air mass dives in out of canada on the fringes of that colder air an area of low pressure is drifting toward lake superior. we're going to see snowfall in the upper midwest again today. for a bull's eye, 6 to 12 inches of snow. duluth, three to six-inch range into minneapolis
. it colluded in both of those, as well. socgen was involved. jpmorgan and citi fined a total of around $80 million and 70 million republspectively. but these guys are paying out more money. back to you. >> so we will see him, right? so plan on that, ross. >> we'll sigh you in a month, i guess. >> you'll be there. the last time i saw ross, we had dessert together. we skipped the meal and went right to dessert. literally. my family was there. he picked me up -- i'm not saying anything -- not that there's anything wrong with that. but we went to the eye. i was barely able to eat after having been on that thing. but then we went -- >> ewe. >> usually we get together for drinks in davos. >> joe, are you going? i'm not going this year. >> what? >> that's why. >> why? >> because joe is. okay. >> i've been saying all the time that's one of the best parts about it is getting to hang out with you. >> well, look -- >> you're right. we don't want it to be all about sex appeal for cnbc. if both of us went, i don't think we'd get -- we wouldn't get anything done. we shouldn't be in the same place, right
the peninsula, this is a live look redwood city through palo alto as you can see 101 traffic looks great so does 280. no major hot spots out there now. this is a live look near the dublin interchange through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. 14 minutes to take you towards the dublin interchange. and traffic continues to move well like i said a little earlier towards the castro valley y. outside near the oakland coliseum. no probable lems northbound or southbound if you are hopping a flight over by oakland airport. and the bay bridge this is one of our few areas of overnight roadwork not as much out there this morning. this is a live look at the toll plaza. but the roadwork is a little west of this from the incline out towards treasure island. and bart systemwide on time no delay. golden gate ferries caltrain and ace train 1 also a great start out of the central valley. remember to tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >>> an 18-year-old is under arrest for stealing part of the porsche in which "fast & furious" actor paul walker died. jam
are going to start getting some snow in the city here mid-morning tomorrow. >> i saw total flights canceled, 2800 canceled as of sunday evening. three deaths in dallas over the past few days. it has been rough. >> it was towering on i-95 yesterday. it was closed at one point, just so many accidents. people were just. i know we have that here tonight. that was no way you could use cars. you need an atv. >>> with the market, cramer is here to help you get off to a fast start. we will get his mad dash after the break. one more look that futures. we have three on today. with fidelity's options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens, and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] l
? investigators trying to piece together what caused that new york city commuter train to derail killing four people and injuring more than 60 others. the tragedy hitting home here at nbc. >>> final moments, investigators determine speed played a re in the fiery car crash that killed actor paul walker as the photos emerges showing him getting in the car just minutes before the accident. >>> delivery by drone. on this cyber monday, amazon announces its next big idea to get packages to your doorstep. could the technology be here sooner than you think? and is it a good idea? >>> and best play ever. reaction still pouring in to what people are calling the greatest end to a sporting event in history. >> an answered prayer. >> so was it? the great debate today, monday, 3 f2nds and all o3 f2 f23 f23 f2 33 f2 >>> 3 f2 >>> era un hombre amistoso,3 f22 3 f23 c13 f23 f2 3 f2 f3 f2 >>> 3 3 f23 f2 3 f2 f23 f2 f2 f2 33 f2 3 c1 train. >> we want to take a second to remember one of our own. jim lovell. an audio technician part of our nbc family and part of every concert we had on the plaza. he was on his way
." >>> the world lead. it's the city where terrorists attacked and killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans more than a year ago. today, another u.s. citizen has been slain in benghazi, libya. who was ronald thomas smith ii? can his family expect justice? >>> the national lead. with his son's suicide, this has been the worst year of pastor rick warren's life but he has relied on his faith to get through it. pastor warren joins us live to share his theory that faith can lighten the burden not only on your soul but on your health. >>> and the politics lead. how to talk to a woman. no, it's not a book full of cheesy pick-up lines. it's a crash course for the men of the republican party. they are getting tips on communicating with female voters. lesson one, lose the idiotic remarks about rape. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the world lead. ronnie smith, an american teacher working in benghazi, libya, awoke this morning, put on his running shoes like he's probably done countless other mornings, and he went out for a jog. he never came ho
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